The New Fonville Morisey Logo: Updated Features in a Modern Setting

Fonville Morisey Realty is one of the largest and most recognizable realty groups in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina – the Triangle. They also happened to be integral in helping me buy my first home, in Durham. So, this Brand New logo may not be a nationally-known brand, but it holds a special place in my personal story.

The new Fonville Morisey logo was launched about 3 months ago. According to their website,, the new FMR brand identity is the first major update in over 30 years. Let’s just say, it was definitely time! The new identity is certainly a step forward into this century. Gone is the state representative campaign logo - when mistakenly positioned on a busy street corner, would make your house unnoticeable in a busy election year. Inexplicably, however, the new mark still contains the “Long & Foster” descriptor line…referencing a purchase that happened more than a decade ago that does nothing to help the identity.

The new brand identity is vastly simplified (we love simple logos). The unique overlapping of the f and m, creates a clearly visible r for Realty. While confusion about the r has been expressed by some, I assume that comes from people outside the Triangle. However, the descriptor line doesn’t do anything to help the viewer. Fonville Morisey is a realty company. Their advertising, not to mention their area reputation, makes it clear that they are realtors. It would have been nice to have seen that fact acknowledged in the new mark, instead of continuing the senseless “Long & Foster” line. In a very mobile area with three major universities, and a research park (RTP) that contains the global or national headquarters of numerous major corporations, changing that descriptor line to simply “REALTY” would add immediate reference to potentially thousands of new customers moving into the Triangle every year.

The 3-part color scheme is an ode to the 3 cities, and at least 2 of the colors tie directly to the universities in those cities; light blue for UNC, navy blue for Duke, and red for NC State…Wait, what? No red? No reference to State? Poor NC State. Some things never change. University affiliation aside, the colors seem to integrate well with each other, something that is very representative of the residents of the 3 cities.

The major challenge the identity poses is application across a variety of media, and in a variety of settings. The very light f, combined with the very dark m, limit the acceptable background colors that would ensure readability. Will the logo ever be presented in a reversed-out format? Since so much of what Fonville Morisey advertises is photographic, how will the logo be presented on continuous-tone photos? Is there a secondary mark to address some of these questions?

All those questions can be determined – it’s a year-long roll out. The new FMR brand identity is a positive decision and a solid execution. As much as a logo can, it should help instill confidence in home buyers that Fonville Morisey is a modern professional realtor that will help them to Live Long & Foster.

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