Inbound Marketing is NOT Sales

We read a lot about Inbound Marketing and all the ways in which to attract leads and convert them. However, most articles are missing a VERY important part of this equation – Sales. Let’s not forget the difference between sales and marketing. While there is overlap, one creates awareness, educates, and provides relevant information for prospects and other builds the relationships to solve problems. This is especially true in the B2B sector.

Some articles make it sound as if you only need Inbound Marketing and your leads will convert as long as you give them the information they want. At some point, everyone one is providing the same information, and can probably be found on the web with a detailed search; PPC or Organic, it’s a sea of information.

One element to keep in mind is that while the tools continually change with in the sales and marketing industry, our prospects remain human. Humans need face to face interaction.

A UCLA study by professor Albert Mehrabian about conveying feelings and attitudes shows:

  • 7% of message understanding comes from the words that are spoken.

  • 38% of message understanding comes from the way that the words are said.

  • 55% of message understanding comes from facial expression.

Inbound Marketing needs to partner with Inbound Sales for the most efficient conversion of leads to client. Next time you read an article about Inbound Marketing share it your Sales rep and ask him how you can apply those tools to his top leads/prospects for a higher ROI.

The above stats indicate that relationships are KEY to sales. After the initial meeting, maintaining that relationship takes work, and lots of it. How do you want to spend your time, prospecting or looking for reasons to reach out to that prospect as the sales cycle progresses?

If you’d like to hear about how P2E uses Sales Cycle Engagement to increase the lead to conversion rate, check out our process here, or contact us to discuss your sales-marketing needs.

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