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Because sometimes you need more than just marketing, we can help.

Sales Cycle Engagement

Sales Cycle Engagement(SCE) works hand in hand with marketing but on a much more intimate level. SCE is more a function of sales than marketing. We work specifically with your sales team to shorten the sales cycle for hot leads and prospects - you know the ones that can make or break your sales goals for the quarter or year! You can find out more here.

Interim/Transitional Services

P2E can provide interim internal marketing services for small to mid-size organizations. Whether it be company communications, planning, project management, we can provide the in-house services you need during a transitional phase in your company's growth. Contact us today for more information.

It's vital to any business growth. A good network makes the sales process much smoother. That’s why we have begun our own networking group aimed at B2B organizations. If you are a B2B company and would like to network with others who build their businesses by referrals please click here to find out more information about Business Connectors.

Marketing Workshop

At P2E, we know budgets are tight and not everyone is ready to hire a marketing firm, that’s why we developed the 8-week P2E Marketing Workshop. We intentionally limit the size of the class so each participant will receive the attention and guidance they need to develop their own working marketing plan. But EIGHT weeks you say?! Yes, 8 weeks.This is designed to be a WORKshop, so you work on your marketing efforts, gain insights and develop habits that will allow you to continue your marketing activities after the workshop.

Business Connectors

Business Connectors is a referral-based networking group designed to help mid-sized companies work together to gain introductions that go beyond a name and number. We limit participation according to industry so you don't have to compete within the group for referrals. This allows each member to build stronger bonds based on trust and your expertise.

Speaking Opportunities

P2E enjoys sharing their knowledge and expertise with the masses. We are available to present to groups, organizations, colleges and non-profits on strategic marketing or any one of its marketing components.

Professional Growth Partners

P2E is dedicated to making sure we help our clients and our professional growth partners any chance we get. If you are in need of an expert in IT, or Human Resources, or Non-Profit fundraising, or any number of other areas, contact us. We have a network of professional relationships, and will gladly recommend someone without hesitation. And if we can't, we will consult our partners to use their connections.

If you would like to learn more about the Marketing Workshop, Business Connectors, speaking engagements or any other networking opportunities, please contact us for more information.