small business branding

building strategy together


If you are trying to grow your business one project at a time, you may have discovered it's not yielding the outcomes you had hoped.


P2E is a full-service boutique marketing firm that helps you build a strategy and then develop large-agency quality creative to support it. We don’t manage large global brands, we help small to mid-size businesses reach the next step in their growth cycle.

P2E takes a holistic approach in assisting our clients with their marketing needs. We don't simply design projects. We focus on developing integrated campaigns using the marketing channels that provide the best opportunity for your particular objectives. Through using a strategic approach and a well-developed marketing plan as a guide, you will achieve maximum results.

The best marketing comes from good communication. That starts with our working relationship. Ideally, we work closely with your internal marketing team to become more familiar with your unique challenges and develop the best tactical approach. Each member of our team has worked in traditional agencies as well as in corporate marketing settings. Having worked on both sides of the marketing line, we know what it’s like from both perspectives. Our staff is intentionally smaller so you can work directly with the decision makers to produce quality work with a lower overhead. Efficient. Effective. Economical! If you still have questions, drop us a line.



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Karen is an award winning problem solver and marketing strategist with more than a decade of high-level project project and client management experience, including initiating and developing campaigns for national and international clients ranging from IT companies to Healthcare and non-profit organizations.

She is exceptional at targeted audience identification and is adept at creating effective strategic communications.



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Greg brings extensive experience helping ventures thrive through focused branding efforts. He has a background positioning non-profits, start-ups and corporations by developing strategic brand messaging, powerful visual identities, and high-impact marketing materials.

His distinctive combination of Graphic Design and MBA degrees provides a unique perspective and expertise that fosters more creative solutions.



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Ginger brings over 10 years sniffing our (and rolling in) opportunities that others have overlooked. Her commitment to efficiency allows her work just 2 hours a day (while sleeping the remaining 22). Ginger targets non-traditional clients including cats, squirrels, and whatever is making that sound at 3 AM.


More intelligent than most, she can answer questions including: How does sandpaper feel? and What's on top of a house?