small business branding

build an authentic brand


Who you are and how your audience experiences you is the key to building a sustainable business model.


Your brand is the promise you make to the client, and how well the client believes that you have lived up to that promise. It's how they experience your products, services, claims, customer service, etc. And branding is the way you support your organization’s most important asset…its reputation. A strong, lasting brand has 4 cornerstones. It must be Authentic, Influential, Distinctive and Consistent.


At P2E, we help you to build that foundation using our ASCERtain Process. We help you answer some fundamental questions, such as, “Do you know your unique strengths?” and “Do you know what your strategic positioning should be?” Most companies struggle answer these basic questions. You certainly don’t want to invest time, effort and money developing a brand before you’ve gained some clarity on your essence and vision. That’s why it's our philosophy that you are better served with a holistic process. We help to ensure all the components of you brand work together seamlessly. Our goal is to deliver what your brand claims. Let us show you how.


• Visual Identity

• Positioning

• Messaging

• Content Creation